This blog is about my grandfather, Charles F. Lusteck (Charlie to his friends and family), a World War II Navy veteran. Before he died he wrote down his experiences from the war and put them in a binder along with the numerous photos, documents, and ephemera that he collected while serving in the Atlantic and Pacific theaters. Millions of Americans served in the armed forces during the war and each one had their own unique story. With every year that passes there are fewer and fewer veterans left to share their stories, many of which will be lost forever. I am fortunate to have my grandfather’s story and it is this story, in his own words, that I share with you.

I have included the text of his manuscript here as it was originally written, though I have occasionally edited things for clarity. All the photographs, documents, and other items belonged to my grandfather unless otherwise noted. I have also included supplemental information that augments his story, which can be found in the blue boxes throughout this blog.

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